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Gas Mass Flow Meter Application

Gas mass flow controllers gas flow meter play an important role in the measurement and analysis of various instruments such as coating, semiconductor, petroleum and petrochemical, coal metallurgy,
gas production and gas distribution. The main functions and characteristics of Shanghai Ceramics Large Range Gas Mass Flow Controller/Gas Mass Flowmeter are as follows:

1. Thermal principle, fast response and high precision.
2. Tubular shunt, not easy to be blocked.
3. Suitable for all kinds of low-pressure and high-pressure pipelines.
4. Short preheating time, low zero drift and high reliability.
5. Digital input/output is easy, and the flow computer can be used to control or display the flow.
6. The mass flow controller is composed of a mass flow sensor, a laminar flow layered part, a flow controller regulating valve and an amplifying control circuit, etc. It is made by using the flow fluid to transfer heat to change the heat conduction distribution effect of measuring the temperature distribution of the capillary wall.
7. Using the principle of temperature difference calorimetry before and after capillary heat transfer to measure the mass flow of gas, without being affected by temperature and pressure, the flow signal measured by the sensor is amplified, and then compared with the set voltage, and the obtained difference is used To drive and control the regulating valve, the closed-loop control of the flow through the channel makes it equal to the set flow.
shanghai CIXI is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of gas mass flow controllers and pressure controllers. The company integrates design, development, production and service. Based on the different processes of customers, it provides customers with competitive and suitable gas quality. Flow controller, gas mass flow meter, online pressure controller, sealed chamber pressure controller, gas test control system, leak detection system, gas mixing system, humidity control system, etc.
The products have fast response, high precision, and rich product selection, providing cost-effective product solutions for the vacuum industry. After years of development, a large number of them have been deployed in the vacuum industry production line. At the same time, it is widely used in PM2.5 environmental monitoring equipment, with high product accuracy, good linearity, and high cost performance, which can meet the technical index requirements of various monitoring equipment.
Closely integrate the scientific research needs of universities. Provide a variety of MFC customized conventional and unconventional products, mixed gas control system, software integrated control analysis system, to meet the special non-standard needs of universities, and to help the development of scientific research in universities. At the same time, the combustion industry also has a large demand.

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