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The method of cleaning scale of magnetic flow meter

The working principle of electromagnetic flow meter is through the excitation principle, and the measured medium must have conductivity to ensure the accuracy of measurement.
The most important sensing method of the electromagnetic flowmeter is through the electrode. During the use of the electrode, the dirt will be attached, which will cause the
electromagnetic flow meter to fail to work normally.
The electromagnetic flowmeter cleaning method adopts the bullet-shaped electrode that reduces the covering layer, the ultrasonic cleaning method, and the capacitance
signal detector to reduce the influence. Common cleaning methods:
Ultrasonic cleaning: High-energy ultrasonic waves are induced on each electrode shaft with an external oscillator and transducer. By selecting the length of the motor
shaft and the frequency of the ultrasonic wave, antinodes are generated on the surface of the electrode, so that the local cavitation formed on the electrode of the
electromagnetic flowmeter can be deposited.
Mechanical scraper: In this system, each electrode is equipped with a rotary scraper, and the scraper blade is perpendicular to the electrode surface. The shaft of the scraper is
driven by an external motor or manually through a hydraulic seal. Can run continuously or intermittently.
Detachable electrode: Detachable electrode adopts mechanical valve and sealing device, and the electrode can be disassembled for external inspection and cleaning.
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