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Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter Application

Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter Application

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1. Thermal mass flow meter are used in public works: monitoring pipeline gas for electricity, gas, and water treatment; general systems; biogas; coal gas; natural gas;liquefied gas; boiler preheating air.
2. Mass flow meters are used in the oil and natural gas industry: energy exchange; well-filling gas recovery; gas measurement; gas quality analysis; leak gas testing;natural gas measurement; flare gas monitoring.

3. Mass flow meters are used in the power industry: gas measurement in the process of gas distribution in fuel systems; measurement of various gases in boiler sand auxiliary systems; gas measurement in gas furnaces; hydrogen measurement; primary air and secondary air in blast furnaces of power plants Measurement.
4. Mass flow meters are used in the chemical industry: flue gas circulation monitoring; gas flow measurement in sampling systems; gas flow measurement of induced draft fans; ammonia measurement in fertilizer plants; various gas flow measurement in battery factories.
5. Mass flow meters are used in the metallurgical industry: gas filling measurement in iron and steel plants; blast furnace gas measurement in ironworks; coke oven gas measurement in coking plants; measurement and control of heating furnace gas in rolling mills (blast furnace gas, coking gas, natural gas, etc.) ; Control of hydrogen,oxygen, nitrogen and other gases in the heat treatment quenching furnace.
6. Mass flow meters are used in the pulp and paper industry: gas measurement in wastewater treatment systems; flue flow monitoring; boiler recovery secondary/tertiary air; boiler gas and air supply measurement.

7. Mass flow meters are used in the food and pharmaceutical industries: fresh air in processing operations; carbon dioxide treatment in breweries; hot air flow in bottle sterilizers; gas flow measurement during thermal oxidation; ventilation systems; boiler intake Gas, exhaust gas, process control.
8. Mass flow meters are used in the environmental protection industry: gas measurement in the process of biogas utilization; chlorine gas measurement in the chlorine treatment process; gas measurement in the aeration tank in the sewage treatment process; flue gas exhaust monitoring SO2 and NOX emissions.
9. Mass flow meters are used in other industries: factory compressed air measurement; pulverized coal combustion process powder/gas ratio control fuel; cement industry vertical mill discharge hot air flow control.

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