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The use of steam vortex flow meter and common problems

The use of vortex flow meter and common problems

The vortex flow meter is a steam flow meter made by applying the basic principle of liquid oscillation. When the fluid passes through the middle baffle at a sufficient flow rate, a vortex street will occur on the two parallel parallel lines of the rear edge of the object and turn into a reverse vortex.
Note:f- Suppose the generating frequency of the vortex
     St-Strouhal number
      V-average flow velocity at both sides of the vortex generator
d- the vortex geberator body width

Common problems of vortex sensor equipment
(1) The sensor should be installed in the straight pipe section (liquid inflow should be from top to bottom) on the pipeline opposite to the nominal pressure pipe diameter.
(2) When the vortex flow sensor is used as the total flow adjustment, it is necessary to pay attention to the flow control valve machinery and equipment behind the sensor, otherwise water jets are prone to occur when the total flow is small, and the composition is adjusted in the total flow. The total flow rate is inversely proportional to the opening degree of the gate valve.
(3) When the steam flow meter is in the machine equipment, its upstream and downstream and the connecting section of certain length shall be equipped.
(4) The steam flow meter cannot be installed on a vibrating pipeline to prevent the measurement accuracy from being affected.
Application FAQ
(1) In the water supply equipment, the steam flow meter is generally located in the surface tube well. In order to better avoid the surface well from seepage in the dry season and damage the surface, the surface should be removed as far as possible from the surface well, or a separate type of sensor should be used.
(2) When there is a high-power motor near the steam flow meter, in order to better avoid direct current intrusion, in addition to adding and removing the data signal transmission cable, the data signal transmission method should use the direct current data signal as much as possible.

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