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Common problems and analysis of vortex flow meter


Common problems with vortex flow meters mainly include:
1. The instructions are not allowed for a long time
2. Always have no instructions
3. Indicates a wide range of fluctuations and cannot be read
4. The instruction does not return to zero
5. There is no indication when the flow is small
6. The indication is ok when the flow is large, and the indication is not accurate when the flow is small
7. When the flow changes, the indication changes cannot keep up
8. The K coefficient of the instrument cannot be determined, and the data are inconsistent in many places

Summarizing the main reasons for the above problems, it involves the following:
1, the problem of selection. Some vortex sensors are too large in diameter selection or after design selection due to changes in process conditions. In actual selection, the smallest diameter should be selected to improve measurement accuracy. The reason for this is mainly the same as the problem ① , ③, ⑥ related. 
For example, a vortex pipeline is designed to be used by several equipments. Since some of the equipment in the process are sometimes not used, the current actual flow rate is reduced, and the actual use causes the original design selection diameter to be too large, which is equivalent to increasing the measurable flow rate. The lower limit, the indication cannot be guaranteed when the flow rate of the process pipeline is small, and it can be used when the flow rate is large, because it is sometimes too difficult to remodel. Changes in process conditions are only temporary. Can be combined with parameter re-tuning to improve indication accuracy.
2. Installation problems. The main reason is that the length of the straight pipe section in front of the sensor is not enough, which affects the measurement accuracy. The reason for this is mainly related to problem ①. For example: the straight pipe section in front of the sensor is obviously insufficient, etc.
3. The reason for the parameter setting direction. Due to wrong parameters, the instrument indication is wrong. The parameter error makes the calculation of the full-scale frequency of the secondary instrument wrong, and the reason for this is mainly related to the problems ① and ③. The similar full-scale frequency makes the indication inaccurate for a long time, and the actual full-scale frequency greatly affects the calculated full-scale frequency, which makes the indication fluctuate in a large range and cannot be read. Recalibration combined with mutual comparison to determine the parameters solves this problem.
4. Secondary instrument failure. There are many faults in this part, including: there is a disconnection on the circuit board of the instrument, the display of the individual digit of the range setting is broken, and the display of the individual digit of the K coefficient setting is broken, making it impossible to determine the range setting and K coefficient setting. Part of the reason is mainly related to problems ① and ②. By fixing the corresponding failure, the problem is solved.

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