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What flow meter is suitable for measuring 0.5ml/min liquid?


What flow meter is suitable for measuring 0.5ml/min liquid?
For liquid flow measurement of 0.5ml/min, the micro liquid flow meter is still a suitable choice. The micro liquid flow meter is specially designed for the measurement of small flow ranges.
It has the characteristics of high precision, high quality and wide range, and can accurately measure flow rates of 0.5ml/min or even smaller.

In addition, although the float flowmeter is usually used for slightly larger flow measurement, some specially designed float flowmeters can also be applied to small flow ranges, such as
the small-flow float flowmeter mentioned before, which has a minimum The specified full-scale flow rate is 30ml/min, and the measurement accuracy is ±6%FS. However, it should be
noted that the measurement accuracy of the float flowmeter is relatively low and may not be suitable for small flow measurements that require extremely high accuracy.
All things considered, the micro liquid flow meter is the best choice for measuring 0.5ml/min liquid flow rate because it is specially designed for this small flow range and features high
accuracy and high quality. Of course, the specific choice of flow meter needs to be comprehensively considered based on actual application scenarios, accuracy requirements,
environmental conditions and other factors.
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