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Electromagnetic Flow Mter Installation Requirements


Electromagnetic flow meters are divided into plug-in magnetic flow meter and pipeline electromagnetic flowmeters. Pipeline electromagnetic flowmeters and insertion electromagnetic flowmeters have the same installation requirements and different places. In total, there are requirements for the external environment and installation methods.

1. Requirements for the external environment
1. Electromagnetic flowmeters should be avoided to be installed in places with large temperature changes or high temperature radiation of equipment. If installation is necessary, heat insulation and ventilation measures must be taken;
2. The electromagnetic flowmeter is best installed indoors. If it must be installed outdoors, it should avoid rainwater, flooding and sun exposure, and must have moisture-proof and sun-proof measures;
3. The electromagnetic flowmeter should be avoided to be installed in the environment containing corrosive gas, and ventilation measures must be taken when it must be installed;
4. For the convenience of installation, maintenance and maintenance, there should be ample installation space around the flowmeter;
5. The electromagnetic flowmeter installation site should avoid magnetic fields and strong vibration sources. If the pipeline vibrates greatly, there should be fixed pipeline supports on both sides of the flowmeter.

2. Installation requirements for plug-in electromagnetic flow meter
1. Requirements for straight pipe sections
Inlet/outlet straight pipe section: the inlet should be ≥10×DN; the outlet should be ≥5×DN
2. Docking location requirements
In order to make the instrument work reliably and improve the measurement accuracy, it will not be disturbed by the external parasitic potential / the sensor should be well grounded, and the grounding resistance should be less than 10. (If the metal pipe is well grounded, no special grounding device is required)







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