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Micro Oval Gear Flow meter development prospects

    Now, the market of Micro Oval Gear Flow meter is very hot. There exist about 80 factories located in the suburb of Dongtai city in Zhejiang province, the cluster of this industry. But the market there is also filled with chaos. Many companies live on purchasing components to reassemble; some company may think it too troublesome and the work as Briefcase Company to declare that they are manufactures of Micro Oval Gear Flow meter. This situation is worrying. The so-called manufactures do not have their own calibrator at all; leave alone the accuracy of Micro Oval Gear Flow meter.
    Facing this complicated situation, the chief engineer, Mr. Tu Jianwen, who worked as a senior engineer in Siemens in Germany, came to Shanghai from his hometown Cixi in 2008. He was determined to create the world-class Micro Oval Gear Flow meter and established Shanghai Cixi Instrument Co. Ltd by the name of his hometown. The Micro Oval Gear Flow meter were produced and developed by the technology of Siemens numerical control system.
    Once upon a time, China, the world’s factory, is always the synonym with the “low quality”. Especially, the Micro Oval Gear Flow meter, which are used to control in automatic process are produced cumbersome and noisy and can not measure the sticky medium. Thus, whether the quality is stable has become users’ greatest concern. So, sometimes buying Micro Oval Gear Flow meter is like buying a lottery ticket. What’s more, the quality is left to chance and cannot be guaranteed.
    That Shanghai Cixi Instrument Co. Ltd has introduced the technology from Siemens in Germany has greatly improved the quality of Micro Oval Gear Flow meter to the world leading level. To be frank, the accuracy of our products is double higher than the similar products in Japan.
    In Micro Oval Gear Flow meter, even the little screw holes or the gears and the watch cases are all accomplished by the Siemens’s technology of numerically controlled production center. Due to this, the production of Micro Oval Gear Flow meter gets rid of the traditional manufacturing technique and will get landmark achievement.
    In the future the flow meter in our company will be produced to resist the high temp and pressure. Besides, we will try our best to keep pace with the world not only in the quality of our products but also in the level of resisting high temp and pressure.
    In our company, we have the stock of Micro Oval Gear Flow meter of all calibers. From this, it is not hard to find that our company has sufficient funds and our products sale good. Nowadays, there hardly exist companies who own the ability to keep stock. But we dare and have the strength to do that.
    Shanghai Cixi Instrument Co. Ltd has obtained national invention patents. From the purchasing of raw materials to the process of quality controlling, we carefully check every producing and precision machining part. Before the flow meter leaves the factory, we would test and calibrate them consistently. Every manufacturing process was installed and carried out strictly with the quality controlling system of USO9001. Our products own CE, SGS and other EU certificates.
    Our company cherish the slogan “quality in Germany and the price in China” to make world-class Micro Oval Gear Flow meter and to be the bench marking enterprise in the automatic instrument industry.





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