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thermal mass flowmeter working principle


Thermal mass flow meter is a flow measurement instrument based on the principle of thermal diffusion. Its working principle mainly relies on the heat exchange relationship between the fluid and the
heat source. Specifically, a thermal mass flow meter contains two sensors inside, one for measuring fluid velocity and the other for measuring gas temperature changes.
During the measurement process, the two sensors are simultaneously placed in the gas being measured. One of the sensors is heated, while the other senses the temperature of the gas being measured.
When a fluid passes through a pipe heated by a heat source, its temperature field changes. As the gas flow rate increases, the heat taken away will also increase accordingly, causing the temperature of
the sensor itself to decrease.
There is a linear relationship between this temperature change and the gas mass flow through the pipe. Therefore, by measuring the temperature change value before and after the sensor, combined
with other relevant parameters, the thermal mass flow meter can accurately calculate the mass flow rate of the gas.
Thermal mass flow meters have the advantages of high accuracy, high resolution, short response time, good reliability, etc., and can operate normally in complex working environments. It is widely
used in flow measurement of gases, liquids and other solids, providing important technical support for industrial production and scientific research.
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