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The trouble shooting method of vortex flowmeter

Vortex street flowmeter is a common total flow meter, the application of all instruments is always indispensable to the usual maintenance and maintenance, whether it is their own fault or affected by external factors, the emergence of the fault people calm and calm to solve.

vortex street flowmeter

Under the condition of long-term stable operation, the vortex flowmeter will also have failures during the working period. The reasons for such failures are as follows:


The side components and electronic components are invalid


After a long period of operation, some components will reach their service life and become invalid, causing instrument failure.


The harm of residue in material


The long-term work, fluid mechanics in the dirt in precise measurement tube cavity, produce body surface and instrument converter lumen, produce the body surface and the detecting element surface adhesion, accumulation, change the precise measuring tube and generate body geometry specifications and main parameters, instrument measurement deviation, reduces the sensitivity of the detecting element, data signal amplitude decreases, resulting in detecting element is invalid.


Three, lightning strike hazard


It is a common fault for field instruments to be damaged by lightning during a storm.When lightning strikes the transmission route, the magnetic induction will cause instantaneous high pressure single pulse and strong inrush current, and the heat will break down or damage the electronic components in the converter. Such lightning strikes are mainly introduced according to the power plug and signal line.


4. The natural environment


The long-term corrosion of corroded vapor and moisture in natural environment will reduce the grounding resistance of the detection element, and the erosion of some electronic components, terminal bars and grounding terminals will expand the contact resistance of the connector and attenuate the transmission data signal.


No matter which way of fault, the first to find the cause and effect of the fault, and then symptomatic treatment, is bound to get half the result with twice the effort, followed by the usual application of attention to maintenance and maintenance maintenance, can further improve the efficiency.


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