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Gas Flow Meter Type

Today, Shanghai Cixi Instrument Co., Ltd introduces the types of gas flowmeters to you, mainly explaining the types of gas flowmeters used for gas flow measurement. They can be divided into mass flow meters,
、positive displacement flow meters, velocity flow meters, differential pressure meters and turbine flow meters.

The gas flow meter is a precision instrument used to measure the cumulative flow of gas in the pipeline. There are three main methods for flow measurement:
Positive displacement flow meters, such as diaphragm gas meters, Roots flow meters, etc., can accurately measure and settle the gas by rotating the volumetric volume.
A velocity gas flow meter that measures the volume of fuel gas by the gas flow rate.
The way of gas measurement by pressure difference.
Flowmeter type:
Mass flow meter
The mass flow meter determines the mass flow through the flow meter.
There are two types worth mentioning here:
A direct mass flow measurement based on the deflection force of a fluid through a vibrating tube. It is suitable for large flow and single temperament measurement with high measurement accuracy.
The price is more expensive, not suitable for large-diameter pipeline installation.

Thermal mass flow meter MEMS

Thermal mass flow meters perform mass flow measurement based on the heat transfer principle of heating elements. It has excellent accuracy and repeatability, and is easy to install. Velocity flow meters
Turbine flow meters Turbine flow meters measure the volume flow of fluid through a freely rotating rotor; each rotation corresponds to a specific volume of fluid. The disadvantage is that it is suitable for the
measurement of clean and dry gas, and the temperature and pressure compensation function must be selected.

Ultrasonic flow meter
Adopting the time difference method, using a pair of ultrasonic transducers to alternately (or simultaneously) transmit and receive ultrasonic waves, measure the flow velocity of the fluid by observing its forward
and reverse propagation time in the medium, and then calculate the flow rate by the flow velocity, which is an indirect , Non-contact measuring instrument, high measurement accuracy, wide range, pressure resistance,
corrosion resistance; small size, easy to install. However, the price is higher, and temperature and pressure corrections are required.

Vortex flow meter
The vortex flowmeter is a new type of flowmeter that measures fluid flow in closed pipelines based on the Karman vortex principle. Because of its good medium adaptability, it can directly measure the volume flow
of steam,air, gas, water, and liquid without temperature and pressure compensation. Equipped with temperature and pressure sensors, it can measure the volume flow and mass flow under standard conditions,
which is throttling. The ideal substitute product of type flowmeter.
Differential pressure flow meter
The differential pressure flowmeter calculates the flow rate by measuring the pressure drop on the obstacle inserted in the flow channel. Common types of differential pressure flow meters include orifice type, nozzle type,
venturi tube type, and constant velocity tube type.
Orifice flow meter
It is a commonly used differential pressure flow meter in natural gas metering. It measures volume flow, not mass flow. Its limitations include low accuracy for small flow rates. In addition, because it is a volumetric flow meter,
it needs temperature and pressure corrections to achieve mass flow.
Averaging tube is a commonly used device for measuring combustion air and differential pressure flow. Due to certain limitations: especially the low flow sensitivity and range cannot meet the measurement requirements.
The measurement depends on the actual speed and pressure, and the flow signal may not be received at low speeds.

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