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High Precision Grease Flow Meter Adhesive Flow Meter

If you are currently searching for a grease flow meter, adhesive flow meters, glue flowmeter, resin flow sensor, polyurethane flowmeters, then please open this article,
I believe you will find your suitable product.

The high-precision grease flowmeter produced by CIXI is accurate and can be customized according to customer needs.
The CIXIFM oval gear flowmeter can measure a variety of viscous liquids, high-pressure and high-frequency liquids,
high precision and high repeatability, pulse output, and customizable analog output, Accumulative counting, customizable alarm function, etc.

Our G series is specially used to measure high viscosity liquids


The M series is dedicated to measuring low-flow and small-flow liquids



P series measure corrosive chemical liquid

There are gear flow meters with high frequency and high pressure


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