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How to choose electrodes for electromagnetic flow meter

There are many types of electrodes for electromagnetic flow meters, such as 316L, Hastelloy, titanium, tantalum, platinum-iridium alloy and so on. So here, Shanghai Cixi Instrument Co., Ltd. shared the tips for selecting electrodes:
As long as it is used to measure water, choose 316L electrode, which is economical and affordable;

As long as the medium contains a certain amount of acid and alkali, instead of hydrofluoric acid, oleum and alkali, then choose a tantalum electrode, which can withstand the corrosion of most chemical media.
So as long as it is hydrofluoric acid, oleum and alkali, then choose platinum-iridium alloy, which can withstand all corrosive liquids, but the price is a bit high.
In this way, is it convenient to choose electrodes?
Therefore, to choose a product, you need to have a detailed understanding of the medium and various parameters, and then you can choose the corresponding material and material to match and use the most suitable product.
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