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Micro Flow Meters Liquid Low Flow Measurement


We produce micro flow meter, complete specifications, heavy oil flowmeter, liquefied petroleum gas flowmeter, chemical industry, military industry, high accuracy,
 aerospace industry, belonging to high-end digital precision metering instrument, liquid flow, reasonable price, stable performance, reliable quality. 
There are many types of micro flow meters for everyone to choose from.

Today, we will mainly introduce the flow meter for measuring small liquids:


M series low viscosity micro flow meter low flow meter Oval gear flowmeter

G series high viscosity low flow meter

P series corrosion-resistant chemical liquid flowmeter
The flow meters are all made of corrosion-resistant materials, resistant to acids, alkalis and various solutions,
and are suitable for accurate metering of various chemical medium and low viscosity that cannot be in contact with metals such as stainless steel.
Used in the chemical industry or reactor flow monitoring. Small vibration noise during working, convenient installation.

There is also a digital flowmeter with a digital display meter
Integral display micro digital flow meter makes it easy to check the flow on the site. The integral display can have various outputs,
such as 4-20ma analog output,modbus RTU 485 communication output, cumulative alarm output, and instantaneous alarm output.



Flow meter with high frequency and high viscosity


There are also liquid flow meters suitable for high pressure

Plate mounting type high pressure positive displacement meter, used for continuous or intermittent precision measurement of liquid in the pipe flow or instantaneous flow.
Suitable for heavy oil, polyvinyl alcohol, resin and other high-viscosity and high-pressure places, professional application in polyurethane foaming machine industry,
the precision can reach 0.5%, repeat accuracy is 0.2%, accurate measurement of tiny flow in high-pressure situations;The installation size can be compared with German Kracht VC series.



Each of them can be used for the measurement of media in different industries. If you find that these parameters are suitable for you, please consult winny:sales01@cxflowmeter.com






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