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Chemical Dosing Pump Types


Shanghai Cixi is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of melt pumps and gear pumps (high temperature melt pumps, high temperature gear pumps, melt gear pumps, melt metering pumps, high temperature melt metering pumps). What types of chemical dosing pumps are there? 
   1. Classified by chemical use:
   Public works pumps: including boiler pumps, cooling tower pumps, fire-fighting pumps, deep well pumps for water sources, etc.
   Auxiliary pumps: including lubricating oil pumps, sealed oil pumps, hydraulic transmission pumps, etc.,
   Process pumps: including feed pumps, return pumps, cycle pumps, flushing pumps, sewage pumps, make-up pumps, output pumps, etc.
   2. Classified by working principle:
   Positive displacement pump: A pump that uses the continuous conversion of the volume in the pump cylinder to deliver liquid, such as a back-and-forth pump, a piston pump, a gear pump, and a screw pump.
  Vane pump: When the pump shaft rotates, it drives various impeller blades to give the liquid centrifugal force or axial force, and transport the liquid to the pipeline or container, such as centrifugal pumps, vortex pumps,
       mixed flow pumps, and axial flow pumps.
  Other forms of pumps: there are electromagnetic pumps that manipulate the electromagnetic transport of liquid electrical conductors, and pumps that manipulate fluid energy to transport liquids, such as jet pumps, air lifts, and so on.
  3. Classified by conveying medium
  Water pump: including clean water pump, boiler feed water pump, condensate pump, hot water pump.
   Impurity pumps: including slurry pumps, sand pumps, sewage pumps, pulverized coal pumps, ash slag pumps, etc.
   Oil pump: cold oil pump, hot oil pump, oil slurry pump, liquid hydrocarbon pump, etc.
   Corrosion-resistant pumps: including stainless steel pumps, high-silicon cast iron pumps, ceramic acid-resistant pumps, impermeable graphite pumps, hard rubber-lined pumps, hard polyvinyl chloride pumps, barrier pumps, barrier pumps, titanium pumps, etc.




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