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Oval Gear Flow Meter Application Advantages

Advantages of oval gear flow meter low flow meter: It is a kind of flowmeter commonly used in industry and laboratories. It has high-precision measurement characteristics.
It can measure the total amount of expensive media in industrial sectors such as petroleum, chemical, coating, medicine, food, and energy. Or flow.
In these process industries, the injection, extraction or mixing ratio control of chemical liquids, the quantitative injection of additives such as catalysts, hardeners,
and polymerization inhibitors in chemical liquids, the addition of fragrances to food fluids and cosmetics, the quantitative supply of coating lines, etc. All need to use the flow meter.


The oval gear flowmeter is used for the measurement of storage, transportation, and distribution of petroleum products, etc. These application areas
can be used as the basis of financial accounting or as a legal measurement for tax payment and execution of contracts by buyers and sellers.

The oval gear flow meter has the characteristics of simple structure, intuitiveness, low pressure loss, convenient maintenance, high measurement accuracy, and little
influence by liquid viscosity. The elliptical gear flowmeter after the correct installation can ensure sufficient accuracy when used, and it is a relatively accurate flow meter.
However, if the flow rate of the measured medium is too small when used, the influence of the leakage error of the meter will be prominent. Ensure sufficient measurement accuracy;
Secondly, when using an oval gear flow meter, pay attention to the temperature of the measured medium not being too high, otherwise it will not only increase the
measurement error, but also may cause the gear to jam; after long-term use, the internal gear of the oval gear flowmeter will also be affected. Corrosion and wear
will affect the accuracy of the measurement. Therefore, you must always pay attention to observation, and regularly remove it for inspection. If conditions permit,
it needs to be calibrated regularly, and the cycle is generally one year.

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