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The outstanding advantages of magnetic flow meter


Electromagnetic flow meters are widely used in industry, so what are their outstanding advantages?

Wide range of application: the development of electronic technology and the continuous emergence of new insulating materials and magnetic materials,
there are conditions to manufacture different forms of electromagnetic flowmeters, which can solve the corrosion and pollution of the measuring medium to the electrodes.
Capacitive electromagnetic flowmeter can solve the measurement of fluid with medium conductivity as low as 1mS/m, instead of traditional mechanical volume flowmeter,
it is used to measure pure water, sugar desalination and low conductivity fluids containing oil.

Height: New excitation methods such as low-frequency rectangular wave excitation, dual-frequency excitation, programmable excitation, etc. improve the signal-to-noise
ratio of the sensor output flow signal; the advanced integrated operational amplifier greatly reduces the noise of the device; digital processing methods are adopted to
improve the signal-to-noise ratio of the sensor. The measurement accuracy and performance of the electromagnetic flowmeter have been continuously improved;
the theoretical study of the electromagnetic flow induction signal weight function has solved the non-axisymmetric flow measurement of the flow velocity distribution in the pipeline to a certain extent.

High reliability: The change of the zero point of the magnetic flow meter is mainly caused by the secondary magnetic flux formed by the eddy current in the
alternating magnetic field. Low frequency rectangular wave excitation can effectively reduce the generation of secondary magnetic flux, so the zero point is stable.
The frequency of the rectangular wave magnetic field is an integral multiple of the power frequency frequency, and the AC average value of the signal sampling is zero,
which greatly cancels the influence of the power frequency interference in the signal. The modulated dual-frequency excitation and programmable excitation can reduce
the influence of the electrochemical noise of the electrode when measuring the slurry fluid, and improve the reliability and stability of the sensing signal. The high-integration
microelectronic components reduce the failure rate of hardware, and the shielding technology of hardware and software effectively increases the reliability of the converter.

Low energy consumption: The magnetic field of the low frequency rectangular wave excitation works in the DC state most of the time, and the eddy current loss of the iron
core is small; the reduction of the magnetic induction intensity greatly reduces the energy consumption of the electromagnetic flowmeter. At present, the power consumption
of general electromagnetic flowmeters is within 10-20W. Two-wire electromagnetic flowmeter powered by DC 24V voltage, including excitation current and signal output is only 4-20mA.

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