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0.1ml/m micro precision liquid flow meter


Micro precision liquid flowmeters are used for the control and monitoring of liquid flow. Accurate flowmeters are required in many industries, such as spraying industry, pharmaceutical and food ratio, automobile, petroleum, and cosmetic processing industries.
Today, I will mainly introduce an accurate micro oval gear flowmeter, which can accurately measure 0.1ml/m, suitable for all low flow meters, accurate liquid metering control, whether it is high viscosity or low viscosity, High pressure or normal pressure liquid fluid, this gear flow meter can be used for measurement.
The liquid fluids commonly used in gear flow meter measurement are:
Grease, Resin, Oil, Glue, Polyurethane Lubricating oil, Electrolyte, Coolant Chemicals, Corrosive liquid, water, milk, honey, potion, ink, kerosene, fuel oil, etc. .

it can be used for
hydraulic system,precision dosing,2 and 3 component application
process control, open/closed loop control, corrosive chemical dispensing,
water treatment,additive injection,automobile industry
system monitoring,laundry chemical,plastic technology
print process chemical batching,chemical packaging and blending
ratio control, consumption measurement, oil metering
metering plant,hydraulic test stand,batching control
lacquering plant, 2 component plant flow rate measurement
dosing,Odorisation,closed-loop management
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