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CX-PS-PQ35 Intelligent Pressure Switch

CX-PS-PQ35 Intelligent Pressure Switch

  •     accuracy can up to 0.1%

        ISO,CE,SGS standard for exporting

        It can display current,total,temperature and density.

        Explosion-proof certificate and anti-vibration


Brief introduction

1.This model intelligent pressure switch is a kind of intelligent digital pressure control products
2.It integrate pressure measurement , LED display and control .
3.It is complete electronic structure , the former adopt pressure sensor which is diaphragm ,oil fulfill and piezoresistive type.
4.Application:Measure the gas and liquid . Suit for pump control , tank monitoring ,level control ,filter plug, monitoring ,leakage monitoring . Also it widely used in hydraulic and pneumatic situation ,like mechanical facility and process control .
Main Features
1. 4 digits display the current pressure value , pressure preset switch point and delay switch output .
2. Switch signal can be set it randomly between zero and full scale . The housing have LEB with node action.
3. Easy to observing key-press calibration and the parameter’s setting in field . Convenient operation . The overload capacity is 1.2A for 2 channels switch signal output .
4. Analog output (4-20Ma), the measurement range :0-600bar (Option)
Main Parameter

Range See type selection sheet
Process ability See below sheet
Switch output Set range: 0.5%...100%FS
Accuracy 0.5%FS
Switch quantity 1 or 2 (option)
Output function PNP,NPN,NC or NC ( can set it )
Rating current ≤300mA
Correspond time ≤30ms
Output 4-20mA analog output
Overload ≤500Ω
Repeatability 0.5%FS
Display Red 9mmLED, Range :-999~9999
Power supply 15…30V DC
Electric protection Reverse polarity , overload , short circuit
Environment temperature -20…80C
Medium temperature -30…100C
Storage temperature -40…100C
Temperature effect <±0.03%FS/K
Protective class IP67
Process connection Stainless steel+ NBR seal
Housing material Galvanized metal
Electric connection M12*1 4-core connector
M12*1 5-core connector (used for 1 analog signal + 2 switches signal )

Type Selection Tablet

CX-PS-PQ35- P 001 G14 H 2A Q  
CX-PS-PQ35-             CXPQ35 series pressure switch
  P           Positive pressure type
    001         Range: 0…1bar
    002         Range: 0…2bar
    005         Range: 0…5bar
    010         Range: 0…10bar
    025         Range: 0…25bar
    060         Range: 0…60bar
    100         Range: 0…100bar
    160         Range: 0…160bar
    250         Range: 0…250bar
    400         Range: 0…400bar
    600         Range: 0…600bar
      G14       G1/4 screw
      G12       G1/2 screw
      M20       M20*1.5 screw
        H     Male screw
          1S   1 switch signal output
          2S   1 switch signal output
          1A   1 analog signal output
          2A   1 switch signal +1 analog signal output
          3A   1 switch signal +1 analog signal output
            Q M12×1 connector










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