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CX-PS-SV negative pressure controller

CX-PS-SV negative pressure controller

  •     accuracy can up to 0.1%

        ISO,CE,SGS standard for exporting

        It can display current,total,temperature and density.

        Explosion-proof certificate and anti-vibration


This controller adopt rubber diaphragm sensor element ,ordinary type suit for gas ,liquid ,or steam which has no corrosion effect and achieve automatic control , the value of controller can adjustable ,the range is 0.1-0-0.1MPa.
The mark of anti-explosion is Exed||CT6, suit for gas ,liquid ,or steam and medium ||A ||B ||C T1~T6 explosive gas mixture which achieve automatic control.
If you adapt window type please give instructions before you buy it ,the window type number is SVC ,SCA series.
Main Technical Specifications

  Ordinary type Anti -explosion
Working viscosity ≤10-3m²/s ≤10-3m²/s
Switch element Micro switch Micro switch
Range of anti-explosion / Exed II CT6 number:320110395
Range of Shell protection IP65 IP65
Environmental temperature -15C-65C -15C-65C
Environmental humidity 5%-95% 5%-95%
Life span 105times circle 105times circle
Anti-earthquake <Max·2g <Max·2g
Contact capacity Vmax=380v Imax=15A Vmax=380v Imax=5A
Repeatability error ≤1.0% ≤1.0%
Scale Parameter Table

Scale number Scale Dead zone Switching frequency Sensor material
KM010 0.1-0-0.1MPa 0.004MPa 20times/sc Ding Qing rubber
GM010 0.1-0-0.1MPa 0.004MPa 20times/sc 316L

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