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Glue Resin Gear Metering Pump High Viscosity Dosing Pump

Glue Resin Gear Metering Pump High Viscosity Dosing Pump

  • Precision Gear pump dosing pump gear metering pump high viscosity  fluid pump, can be customized!
    If you have any questions, please contact: info@cxflowmeter.com
    High accuracy dosing and semi-automatic control
    More material for the more meidum
    More sealing methods and good sealing performance
    Wide measurable range, minimum displacement 0.05cc
    High measurable medium viscosity,wide temperature range

PU Glue Dispenser Machine Hot Melt Gear metering Pump 
High Viscosity Polyurethane Paint 
water stain paint 
two-component polyurethane system doing
a+b pu Glue dispensing
polylactic acid
Epoxy resin
polyurethane foam polymeric MDI
sodium silicate
Molten ABS plastic
polyol Polyurethane mixing system
hotmelt adhesive EVA
polyurethane components
Resin fluid Catalyst fluid
DMAC Dimethy lacetamide THF Tetrahydrofuran
hot melt wax 
hot melt extruders
polymeric cellulose polymer solution
Hot Melt Adhesive PSA and Thermoset EVA
hardener polyethylene polyamine PEPA
The gear metering pump with high accuracy,no pulsation,unique design,the
flexible drive connection between the motor and the metering pump eliminates 
the influence of the alignment error between the motor and the metering pump
on the measurement accuracy,and also prevents the motor from transmitting the
vibration to the gear metering pump.


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