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V4B-OEM Diesel flow meter

V4B-OEM Diesel flow meter

        medium:diesel oil
        flow range:1-80L/H
        pulse output,with filter bowl
        material:brass calculate cavity
 V4 Fuel flow meter
     V4B-OEM Diesel flow meter , as known as Positive displacement flow meter, measure volumes of fluid flowing through by counting repeatedly the filling and discharging of known fixed volumes.V4B-OEM Diesel flow meter is made by former Siemens engineer and also use Siemens CNC system, the cutting accuracy is up to 0.001mm.good V4B-OEM Diesel flow meter. The rang ratio of V4B-OEM Diesel flow meter can be up to 100:1, the working life is 5~10 years, the accuracy is up to 0.2% , and it’s in whole working life of rotary piston flow meter, clients can have much benefits only from this side if compare Fuel flow meter with others. It has can measure liquid with widely viscosity, from water to 10000 cp.

    With the development of modern industry, it is necessary to gradually improve the performance of flowmeters, and the progress of technology makes it possible to improve flowmeters. The development of flowmeter will improve the reliability of flowmeter, the adaptability of flowmeter to medium and environment. V4B-OEM Fuel flow meter is widely used in fuel consumption detection of trucks, agricultural machinery and ships to avoid abnormal fuel consumption.

 Electrical connection

Connection for hall sensor (3 wires)

Connection for reed switch (2 wires)

Power supply:5-18VDC (customized for   3-26VDC)

Red wire: power supply

Black wire: GND

Yellow wire: signal


Power supply:5-36VDC

Note:(no positive and negative difference)



    Warranty and service
    Warranty:The manufacturer provides free warranty for 18 months, the users should be responsible for the one-way transportation fee from the customer to the factory.
    Service:The manufacturer provides instrument installation for our customers, and the charges will be made according to the cost.

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