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Maintenance of domestic natural gas flowmeter

  • Maintenance of domestic natural gas flowmeter,It is a kind of universal steam flowmeter. There are many advantages of this kind of steam flowmeter for metrological verification. It is a very effective steam flowmeter.Natural gas flowmeter application business scale is very wide, we should pay more attention to the application of natural gas flowmeter time, in order to avoid problems in peacetime, people must choose to shape, and its peacetime maintenance.

Maintenance of natural gas flowmeter

So, how should the natural gas flowmeter motor selection?The following by porcelain xi mesh tell you, the natural gas flowmeter motor selection of several key points:


1. Fluid mechanics characteristics: fluid mechanics working pressure, temperature, relative density, viscosity, wettability, physical properties, damage, erosion, scale, stain, vapor compression coefficient, isentropic index value, specific heat capacity, pure water conductivity, sound velocity, miscible flow, pulsating flow, etc.


2. Standard level of natural environment: operating temperature, environmental humidity, safety factor, interference signal, etc.


3. Installation standard level: pipe layout position, fluidity position, length of upper, middle and lower pipelines, pipe specifications, indoor maintenance space, pipeline vibration, grounding device, switching power supply, auxiliary machinery and equipment (filter, sewage discharge), explosion-proof type, etc.


4. Dashboard characteristics: degree, repeatability, linearity, category, working pressure damage, upper and lower limit total flow, data signal frequency characteristics, response speed, etc.


5. Factors of economic development: purchase cost, labor cost, maintenance cost, inspection cost, service life, operation cost (energy consumption), spare parts, etc.


That is, people motor selection has been OK, then in the usual work how to maintain the natural gas flow meter?


: 1, the inner cavity adhesion layer gas flowmeter must be floating in a lot of chemicals or is used in place of dirt, damage this time it will be some surface is larger than the other, cavity is very simple, there will be appendages, this appendages if long-term will not remove words will be harm to the application of natural gas flow meter.


2. Lightning strike: if a lightning strike is present, it will enter the surface to make it appear loose.Lightning strike is generally from the power plug, controller and excitation current line into the surface, therefore, you must do a good job in a number of local lightning protection methods, to avoid the whole process of application problems.


3, environmental factors: natural gas flowmeter in the whole process of application if the new magnetic wave disturbance, it will endanger all its normal work, sometimes the output of the data signal will be quite big fluctuations of the firm.We must pay attention to the application of time, to avoid the surrounding environment on his intrusion.


Although some of the difficult problems of the natural gas flowmeter are unavoidable, as long as we are fully prepared in advance, it can still operate normally and is not easy to present common faults.Therefore, we should pay more attention when maintaining the natural gas flowmeter.





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