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Model parameters of gas flowmeter

Gas flowmeter model parameters, steam flowmeter table body can be made into two types of flange type and flange clamping type structure.The steam flowmeter is installed to the pipeline under test through flanges or clamped flanges.For small pipe diameter, it can be made into thread connection type and pipe welding type.The fluid flow part of the surface body is processed into a measuring tube with nominal diameter D, and the steam flowmeter provides passage for the measured flow body to pass through the meter.The generator and the detection element are installed in the measuring tube. The generator is perpendicular to the axis of the measuring tube. It can be welded in the surface body or installed in the surface body through the sealing element.The detection element is also installed on the surface body. It can be made of heat sensitive, ultrasonic, strain, capacitance, magnetoelectricity, stress, photoelectric and other sensitive elements to detect vortex street signals.The detection element may be installed in or downstream of the producing body and may be removed from the measuring tube.

Model parameters of gas flowmeter

Product parameters:


Measuring medium: gas, liquid, vapor


Caliber specification flange clamping type caliber selection


Flange connection type caliber selection


Flow measurement range normal measurement flow rate range Reynolds number 1.5×104 ~ 4×106;Gas 5 ~ 50m/s;Liquid 0.5 ~ 7m/s


Normal measurement flow range the measurement range of liquid and gas flow is shown in table 2.The range of steam flow is shown in table 3


Measurement accuracy: class 1.0, class 1.5


Temperature of measured medium: normal temperature -- 25℃ ~ 100℃


High temperature -25℃ ~ 150℃-25℃ ~ 250℃


Output signal pulse voltage output signal high level 8 ~ 10V low level 0.7 ~ 1.3v


The duty cycle of pulse is about 50% and the transmission distance is 100m


Pulse current remote transmission signal 4 ~ 20mA, transmission distance is


Ambient temperature :-25℃ ~ +55℃ humidity :5 ~





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