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Key installation of electromagnetic flowmeter

The installation of the electromagnetic flowmeter, the electromagnetic flowmeter is mainly to measure the conductive medium of liquid, in the selection of the need for the flowmeter, so the installation of this piece is very important.So let's talk about this and what are the main things to look for in the installation?

Key installation of electromagnetic flowmeter

First, we are selecting the connection section, no matter how big the pipe diameter is, we must ensure the connection section of the first ten and then five, so we can ensure the precision of the electromagnetic flowmeter after use.


Second, the installation of environmental provisions, as far as possible to avoid the direct sunlight, because the summer temperature is higher, the excitation coil is very easy to destroy the insulator.


Three, the location of the installation should be far away from the motor, to prevent interference signals, there is a large head fluctuation;If there are similar problems can contact the porcelain city instrument co., LTD., specializing in the production of various flowmeters, transmitters.


Iv. Installation location is also very important. Let me show you a picture that is more specific:


Five, must ensure the liquid full tube state, some customers said, how to measure the inaccurate ah?How is the value deviation quite big, you see yourself whether the pipe is full, whether there is air inside.


Six, as far as possible away from ammonia, acid fog corrosive air place.If the site environmental conditions can not be met, the user can request at the time of order, the company will try to give the solution.


Seven, to pay attention to the stability of the current, there are 24V dc and 220V ac distinction, battery power need not consider, will not take the output.


Shanghai porcelain city instrument co., LTD., the introduction of Germany Siemens numerical control processing center, make the tiny flowmeter is greatly increased, actually has reached world leading level, such as OVAL LSF40, many customers in Japan and the customer to know LSF40 flow range in 0.7 ~ 50 l/H, and CX - M5 porcelain city - AL can achieve 0.3 ~ 60 l/H, the same 0.5% FS precision, another porcelain city gear is SS316L is qualitative, OVAL gear is plastic.





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