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Main Application Occasions Of Gas Turbine Flow Meter

First of all, what are the main disadvantages of gas turbine flowmeters?
1. To maintain the calibration characteristics for a long time, regular calibration is required. Suspended substances or corrosive components contained in the medium will cause problems such as bearing wear and jamming, which will change its accuracy and
Limiting its scope of application, although the situation has improved after the use of wear-resistant hard alloy shafts and bearings, this problem still exists. Therefore, it must be calibrated regularly, for trade storage and transportation and high precision
For measurement requirements, it is best to equip with on-site calibration equipment.

2. Regularly add oil to ensure adequate lubrication of the bearing to ensure measurement accuracy and prolong service life.
3. The physical characteristics of the medium (such as density, viscosity, etc.) have a greater impact on the characteristics of the turbine flowmeter. Gas flow meters are easily affected by density and are closely related to temperature and pressure, so temperature and pressure corrections are required.
1. The gas turbine flowmeter is greatly affected by the flow field distribution. Therefore, for the flowmeter without a rectifier at the inlet, straight pipe sections should be installed on the upstream and downstream sides of the sensor as required, and for the flowmeter with a rectifier for the inlet design, the flowmeter should also be The length of the straight pipe shall be set as required by the instructions for use.
2. It is not suitable for use in occasions where there is a strong pulsating flow, nor is it suitable for the measurement of mixed-phase flow.
3. The cleanliness of the measured medium is relatively high, and the filter needs to be installed as required, but this also brings about an increase in pressure loss.
4. The flow characteristics of small-diameter turbine flowmeters are seriously affected by physical properties, so it is difficult to improve the performance of small-diameter turbine flowmeters. For example, the smallest diameter is DN25, but its range is only
10:1, the accuracy is only up to ±1.0%.

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