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Features of High Viscosity Gluing Gear Metering Pumps


Gear metering pumps are widely used in PU glue, AB glue filling and other industries that we are familiar with.
1. The gear pump has superior performance, mechanical hard connection process, good airtightness, no leakage, and high safety performance. The delivery accuracy of the gear pump metering pump head is as high as 3‰. According to the viscosity of the medium, lubricity and temperature, the speed can be 10RPM The speed regulation range can be adjusted arbitrarily to 200RPM, and the operating pressure of the metering pump can be arbitrarily selected from the normal pressure to the maximum design range of the product.
2. The adjustment is intuitive and clear, the work is stable, no noise, small size, light weight, easy maintenance, and can be used in parallel.
3. The pump has many varieties, complete performance, suitable for conveying from -30 degrees to 450 degrees, the viscosity is 0-800mm/s, the maximum discharge pressure can reach 40Mpa, the flow range is 0.1-20000L/h, and the overall measurement accuracy of the product is ±1 % or less.
4. According to the process requirements, the gear pump can be used with different motors. It can be manually adjusted by the frequency converter or connected to the PLC to realize intelligent automatic control.
When using a high-viscosity glue metering pump at the application site, it must be strictly operated according to the operation selection and design requirements, so as to reduce the probability of equipment failure, improve the service life of the gear pump, make the work efficiency smooth, and improve the aging and human efficiency. .







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