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micro oval gear flow meter for drone pesticide spraying

Advantages of drone spraying pesticides
As many large agricultural countries, the development of efficient and safe modern ecological agriculture is an important goal of modernization construction.
At present, the amount of pesticides used in the world is increasing, operating costs are high, waste is serious, the effective utilization of resources is low, and crop yield and quality are difficult to guarantee.
At the same time, it brings serious problems such as water and soil resource pollution, ecosystem imbalance, and decline in the quality of agricultural products, making it unable to adapt to the requirements of modern agricultural development.
With the development of science and technology, today's agriculture is becoming more mechanized. Drone pesticide spraying technology has begun to be widely used in agriculture. Drone pesticide spraying technology can improve the mechanization level of China's crop disease and pest control and implement professional services for unified prevention and control. Improving the utilization rate of agricultural resources and enhancing the ability to prevent and control sudden large-area pests and diseases play an important role. Below, technicians in the drone industry analyze the advantages of using unmanned spraying of pesticides:

1. High spraying efficiency. Compared with traditional manual spraying, spraying drones are more efficient, time-saving and convenient. The spraying drone can carry 30 kilograms of pesticides.
The flying height reaches 2 to 3 meters, and one flight can spray 10 to 15 acres of land, which greatly improves the operation efficiency.
2. The prevention and control effect is better. Drone spraying services spray more evenly, so almost every crop can be sprayed. The downward airflow generated by the rotor helps increase
The mist flow penetrates crops and has better control effect.
3. The overall cost is lower. The price of spraying drone spraying service for one acre of land is only ten yuan, and it only takes about one minute. Compared with hiring people to spray spraying in the past, it saves a lot of money.
Cost, manpower and time are saved.
As for drone pesticide dosage, it is necessary to control it so as not to affect the growth of crops. Our tiny elliptical gear flowmeter can control the pesticide dosage and monitor the pesticide spraying dosage in real time, which solves this problem very well. , which has greatly helped the growth of crops.
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