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What are ultrasonic flow sensors?


What are ultrasonic flow sensors?
Ultrasonic flow sensor is a sensor that uses ultrasonic technology to measure liquid or gas flow in a non-contact manner. It mainly consists of two main components: transmitter and receiver.
The transmitter sends an ultrasonic signal into the fluid, which travels through the fluid and reaches the receiver. The receiver receives the ultrasonic signal reflected back after passing
through the fluid and converts it into an electrical signal for processing.
According to the principle of signal detection, ultrasonic flow sensors can be roughly divided into propagation velocity difference methods (including direct time difference method, time
difference method, phase difference method, frequency difference method), beam offset method, Doppler method, correlation method, and spatial filtering. Method and noise method
and other types. Among them, the frequency difference method and the time difference method overcome the error caused by the change of sound speed with the fluid temperature
and have high accuracy, so they are widely used.

In addition, according to the configuration method of the transducer, the propagation velocity difference dial is divided into Z method (transmission method),
V method (reflection method), X method (cross method), etc.
Ultrasonic flow sensors have many advantages, such as non-contact measurement, high measurement accuracy, easy installation and maintenance, etc.,
so they have been widely used in many fields, such as industrial automation, environmental monitoring, water treatment, etc.

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