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What are the installation requirements for electromagnetic flowmeters?

Electromagnetic flow meters are widely used in many industries. They mainly use the Faraday electromagnetic induction principle. They are composed of flow sensors and transmitters. They are suitable for measuring the volume flow of conductive liquids and slurries in closed pipes. The following editor will tell you what are the installation requirements for Magnetic Flow Meter
The installation should be installed in a dry and ventilated place as much as possible to avoid sun and rain. The ambient temperature should be -20 to +60 °C, and the relative humidity should be less than 85%.
Install it at the lower part of the horizontal pipeline and vertically upwards, avoid installing it at the highest point of the pipeline and vertically downwards, and should install it at the rising part of the pipeline.
Install at the open discharge pipe, should be installed in the lower part of the pipe.

If the pipeline drop exceeds five meters, install an exhaust valve downstream of the sensor.
Reminder: It can be installed horizontally, vertically and obliquely, but make sure that the measuring tube is coaxial with the process pipeline, and that the measuring tube is always filled with liquid. The measuring tube of the sensor, the casing, the shielded wire of the lead, and the pipes at both ends of the sensor must be grounded reliably, and must not be shared with the grounding of other electrical equipment.
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