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What are the requirements for vortex flow meter installation?

What are the requirements for vortex flow meter installation? The following CIXIFM Winny Email:sales01@cxflowmeter.com will introduce to you.
1. Requirements for explosion-proof products: For the safe and normal use of the instrument, it is necessary to check whether the use environment of the explosion-proof flowmeter is in line with the user's explosion-proof requirements, and during installation and use, the use requirements of explosion-proof products should be strictly followed. Change the connection method of the explosion-proof system, and do not open the instrument at will. The selection is within the specified flow range to prevent overspeed operation to ensure ideal accuracy and normal service life.

2. Requirements for straight pipe sections: the flowmeter must be installed horizontally on the pipeline (the inclination of the pipeline is within 5), the axis of the flowmeter should be concentric with the axis of the pipeline during installation, and the flow direction should be consistent. The length of the upstream pipeline of the flowmeter should have an equal diameter straight pipe section of not less than 2D. If the installation site is allowed, it is recommended that the upstream straight pipe section is 20D and the downstream is 5D.
3. Requirements for piping: The inner diameter of the upstream and downstream piping at the installation point of the flowmeter is the same as the inner diameter of the flowmeter. Requirements for the bypass pipe: In order to ensure that the normal use of the medium is not affected during the maintenance of the flowmeter, a cut-off valve (stop valve) should be installed on the front and rear pipelines of the flowmeter, and a bypass pipe should be set at the same time. The flow control valve should be installed downstream of the flowmeter. When the flowmeter is used, the shut-off valve installed upstream must be fully opened to avoid unstable flow of the fluid in the upstream part.
4. Requirements for the external environment: The flowmeter is best installed indoors. When it is installed outdoors, sun protection, rain protection and lightning protection measures must be adopted to avoid affecting the service life. Requirements for impurities contained in the medium: In order to ensure the service life of the flowmeter, a filter should be installed before the straight pipe section of the flowmeter.
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