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How to properly install a gas turbine flow meter?


Gas turbine flow meter has the characteristics of high accuracy, no zero drift, high turndown ratio and good repeatability. Many users will choose gas turbine flowmeter when measuring natural gas.
The following is to share the installation requirements of gas turbine flowmeter:
1. The normal temperature, low temperature and high temperature flowmeters can be installed horizontally, vertically or upside down depending on different working conditions;
2. In order to ensure the accurate measurement of the natural gas flowmeter, it is required to set up the front and rear straight pipe sections;

3. In order to ensure that the flowmeter does not affect the system work during inspection and replacement, bypass valves and cut-off valves should be installed as far as possible;
4. Vertical installation can be adopted due to process requirements, and the flow direction of the measured medium can be from bottom to top or top to bottom, but it should be explained to the supplier when ordering;
5. The diameter of the natural gas flowmeter should be the same as the diameter of the connected pipeline to reduce flow interference and cause measurement errors;
6. When installing flanged and clip-on flowmeters, it should be noted that the size of the inner hole of the gasket between the flanges is larger than the diameter of the flowmeter and the process pipeline by 6-8mm and whether it is coaxial, so as to avoid interference due to interference flow. affect the measurement accuracy;
7. When the plug-in flowmeter is installed, the short pipe and flange must be welded to the pipe to ensure that the fluid is facing the force surface of the target, and the height of the welded short pipe is 100mm;
8. For the newly completed process pipeline, the flowmeter should be installed after preliminary purging;
9. The direction of the arrow on the outer wall of the measuring tube is the flow direction of the measured medium;
10. The casing of the flowmeter must be grounded reliably. If there is no grounding condition, please inform the manufacturer in advance.

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