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A metering pump, also known as a metering pump or a proportional pump, is a special volumetric pump with the advantages of high precision, stability and reliability. The following is a detailed answer about metering pumps:
1. Definition and characteristics
Definition: A metering pump is a device that can meet various strict process requirements, and the flow rate can be adjusted steplessly within the range of 0-100%, and is used to transport liquids (especially corrosive liquids).
Features: A metering pump can maintain a constant flow rate that is independent of the discharge pressure, and can simultaneously complete the functions of transportation, metering and regulation, thereby simplifying the
production process.
2. Working principle
The working principle of a metering pump is that the motor drives the worm through the coupling and the worm gear speeds up to make the main shaft and the eccentric wheel rotate, and the eccentric wheel drives the sliding
adjustment seat of the bow-shaped connecting rod to reciprocate. When the plunger moves to the rear dead point, a vacuum is gradually formed in the pump chamber, the suction valve opens, and the liquid is sucked in;
when the plunger moves to the front dead point, the suction valve is closed, the discharge valve opens, and the liquid is discharged when the plunger moves further. By adjusting the eccentric distance of the eccentric
wheel or the stroke of the plunger, the flow rate of the pump can be easily changed.
3. Classification
Metering pumps can be classified according to different standards, such as:
According to the flow-through part: plunger, piston type; mechanical diaphragm type; hydraulic diaphragm type.
According to the drive mode: motor drive; electromagnetic drive.
According to the working mode: reciprocating; rotary; gear type.
According to the pump characteristics: extra-large base; large base; medium base; small base; micro base.
4. Application fields
Metering pumps are widely used in the following fields:
Chemical industry: used for flow measurement and control of various chemical substances such as acids, alkalis, chlorides, amines, solvents, etc.
Petroleum: oil well water injection, oil production analysis, mud treatment in crude oil drilling projects, etc.
Food: beverages, alcohol, dairy products, fruit juice and beverage concentrate production fields.
5. Selection and installation
When selecting, it is necessary to consider factors such as pressure, flow, pump head (hydraulic end) material, and accuracy level. Before installation, it is necessary to carry out inspection and preparation work before
the pump is operated, such as checking whether the bolts at each connection are tightened, whether the machine feet are adjusted flat, and whether the motor line is connected to the corresponding grid power.
6. Maintenance
The maintenance of the metering pump includes daily maintenance and regular maintenance. Daily maintenance includes cleaning the outside of the metering pump, checking the connection tightness, checking the
lubrication level, paying attention to the ambient temperature, avoiding overload use, etc. Regular maintenance includes changing lubricating oil, cleaning internal components, checking motor insulation, etc.
7. Precautions
When using the metering pump, you need to pay attention to the operating method and working conditions to avoid overloading or exceeding its operating temperature range. At the same time, it is necessary to
regularly check and troubleshoot to ensure the normal operation and accuracy of the metering pump.
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