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oval gear flow meter advantages and disadvantages

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oval gear flow meter advantages and disadvantages
The advantages and disadvantages of oval gear flow meter can be summarized as follows:
Advantages of oval gear flow meter
High-precision measurement: oval gear flow meter can measure fluid flow with high precision, and its measurement error is usually within 1%, and can even reach 0.2%, which meets the occasions
with high requirements for flow measurement accuracy.
Wide measurement range: oval gear flow meter is suitable for wide range measurement from trace flow to large flow, and the range ratio can reach 1:100 or higher, with strong adaptability.
Good stability: The flow meter has good working stability, its mechanical structure is simple, and there are few moving parts, so it has a long service life.
High reliability: The measuring part of the oval gear flow meter can be made into a closed form, so it has high working reliability and is not easily affected by the external environment.
Strong applicability: The flow meter is suitable for the measurement of a variety of media, including gas, liquid and steam, and can cope with the flow measurement needs under harsh working conditions
such as high temperature and high pressure.
Easy to maintain: The structure of the oval gear flow meter is relatively simple, and the maintenance is relatively simple. Generally, only regular cleaning and calibration are required. At the same time,
some models also have automatic calibration and fault detection functions, which are convenient for automatic calibration and fault diagnosis.

Disadvantages of oval gear flow meter:
Affected by fluid viscosity and pressure: The oval gear flowmeter is sensitive to fluid viscosity and pressure, and changes in viscosity and pressure will affect the measurement accuracy. Therefore, it is
necessary to pay attention to controlling the viscosity and pressure of the fluid when using it.
Mechanical wear: Although its mechanical structure is simple, there is still a certain amount of wear on the moving parts, which requires regular maintenance and replacement.
Limited measurement range: In certain specific occasions, such as low flow or high viscosity fluids, the measurement effect of the oval gear flowmeter may be affected to a certain extent.
Usage restrictions: The oval gear flowmeter can only be used in pipelines with vertical flow from bottom to top, which is prone to pressure loss. At the same time, its structure is relatively complex and
large in size.
High requirements for fluid cleanliness: If there are impurities in the fluid, it may cause the gear to not roll or other failures.
In summary, the oval gear flowmeter has the advantages of high precision, wide range, and good stability in flow measurement, but it also has disadvantages such as being affected by fluid properties,
mechanical wear, and limited measurement range. When using, it is necessary to select and adjust according to the actual working conditions and fluid properties.
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