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Install ultrasonic flow meter clamp on


The main steps for the installation of external clamp on ultrasonic flow meter are:
Select the installation point, input the parameters, get the sensor installation distance, apply the couplant, and bind the sensor. However, many users follow this procedure, but still cannot display the traffic. What is the reason?

1. Too much focus on the installation distance automatically calculated by the flow meter. In fact, this distance is only a reference distance. Due to the influence of the pipeline environment, the sound wave signal may deviate. In actual installation, you can fix the upstream sensor first, and then press the M90 ​​key on the host to check the signal strength and quality. Generally speaking, both UP and DN should be above 80, and the Q value is lower than 50. The flowmeter cannot measure normally.
2. In user installation problems, there are often users who check the M90 ​​menu when UP and DN are both 0. The main reason for this situation is that the coupling agent is not applied or the clamp is not tightened. Another reason is that there is no pipe in the installation. water.
3. The reason why the Q value is 0 is mostly improper distance. At this time, it is best to open the M90 ​​menu, move the downstream sensor slowly, and fix it when the Q value reaches a maximum value.
When the clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter is installed on site, there may be a signal failure failure, how to solve it?

1. The cause of the problem:
1. Empty pipe of the tested pipeline
2. The pipeline parameter input is biased
3. Too thick scale on the inner wall of the tested pipe or particles in the medium cause too much signal attenuation
2. Solution:
1. Fill the pipeline with water to ensure that the tested pipe section is full
2. Carefully confirm the on-site working conditions and modify the parameters of the instrument pipe section
3. Confirm whether the wiring of the instrument is good, whether the surface of the pipe is well polished, and whether the coupling agent is applied sufficiently
4. Replace the large external clamp sensor or insert the sensor

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