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vortex flow meter application


Vortex flow meter is a volume flow meter used to measure various flow parameters of gas, liquid, steam and other media. It is mainly used in medium measurement in industrial pipelines.
It is designed based on the principle of vortex flow. It has a large range and high pressure. Small loss, high measurement accuracy. During the flow measurement process, it is less affected
by factors such as density, pressure, and temperature. It requires little maintenance and has stable signal performance. It can work normally in an environment of minus 20 to 250 degrees Celsius.
It has simulation It has two transmission methods: standard signal and digital pulse signal, and can be connected to the supporting digital system through remote transmission. It is a modern flow meter.
Vortex flow meter application
Vortex flowmeter is a popular flow detection instrument in the chemical industry. It is mostly used for flow measurement of gases, liquids, steam and other media fluids in industrial production.
After continuous development, vortex flowmeters are now used in industrial production processes and energy measurement. , environmental protection engineering, transportation, metallurgy
and electricity, coal chemical industry, construction transportation, food and agriculture and other fields have a large number of applications.
Features of vortex flow meter

One-piece molding, simple structure, no moving parts, stable performance, easy installation and operation, low maintenance, strong and durable.
Using a non-contact measurement method, the sensor does not come into direct contact with the measurement medium, which avoids damage to the sensor due to corrosive or other chemical
properties of the medium and extends the use cycle.
The output volume is proportional to the flow rate, has no zero point drift, has high measurement accuracy, has a relatively wide measurement range, and the range ratio can reach 1:10.
The pressure loss is small, the operating cost is low, and it is more energy-saving.
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