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High Speed Liquid Metering Pump Gear Pump Dosing pump

High Speed Liquid Metering Pump Gear Pump Dosing pump

  • The Cixi High-Precision Corrosion-Resistant Gear Metering Pump For Conveying Resin accuracy is (+-)0.5%
    Using a sturdy gear drive coupling Reduced product accuracy error
    The gear metering pump usually can be used 5-10 years
    Easy to disassemble and easy to clean
The gear metering pump is a pair of intermeshing gears,one of which is a driving gear and the
other is a driven gear that is driven to rotate by the driving gear. The housing has a small gap.
when the gear rotates,in the liquid suction chamber where the gear teeth gradually disengage
the sealed volume between the teeth increases,forming a partial vacuum,and the liquid issucked 
into the liquid suction chamber under the pressure difference. The gear rotates,and theliquid is 
driven by the gear between the gear and the casing to be sent to the discharge chamber.
In the discharge chamber,the two gears gradually mesh, the volume is reduced, and the liquid between
the gears is squeezed to the liquid discharge port,Each time the gear rotates,the volume of the 
discharged liquid is constant, and the flow rate of the gear metering pump is obtained by measuring
the rotation speed of the gear metering pump.
Application industry:
Cement grinding aid, papermaking auxiliary, defoamer, emulsifier, water glass, flame retardant, catalyst, hydrogen peroxide, traditional Chinese medicine extract, textile dye, chemical auxiliary, surfactant, oxidant, scale inhibitor, hard fat Acid, triethanolamine, yeast, lactic acid, curing agent, acidic solution, alkaline solution, coater adhesive, brine, desulfurizer, pulp, film, tape, aluminum-platinum laminating machine, glue, glue, food filling , transport, metering, measuring most fluid media in the range of 0-14PH, etc

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