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How to choose a micro liquid flow meter

  The micro liquid flow meter is a small flow meter for measuring liquid. The accurate measurement of micro flow rate is widely used in many manufacturing industries. The smaller the flow rate, the more difficult the metering verification is. This is very important for the meter manufacturer. Big challenge. There are several points to note on the selection of flow meters for accurate measurement of small flows.
How to choose a micro liquid flow meter
  1. Instrument characteristics refer to the precision, repeatability, linearity, measurement range ratio, working pressure loss, starting and ending flow, output data signal and response speed of the instrument. When selecting the flowmeter, the indicators should be carefully analyzed. A meter that meets the requirements for metering and verifying media flow.
  2.it is necessary to confirm with the manufacturer of the micro-liquid flowmeter to determine whether the medium is corrosive, the viscosity of the medium, and the temperature and pressure under the working conditions, so that the manufacturer can select the material, monitor and calibrate according to the specific working conditions.
  3. the installation standard refers to the inflow of natural gas, the pipeline, the length of the pipeline in the upper, middle and lower reaches, the pipe, the indoor space and the pipe, etc., which are the precise operation, maintenance and service period of the natural gas liquefied gas flowmeter. .
  4.the accuracy level and function are based on accurate measurement regulations and the application site selection instrument accuracy level to ensure economic development is cost-effective.
  Paying attention to the above key points, it can have a guiding role in the selection of the flow meter, and the most suitable flow meter is selected to bring convenience to industrial production.
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