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Electromagnetic flowmeter anti-interference

Electromagnetic flowmeters are anti - jamming and are widely used in several manufacturing industries.Electromagnetic flowmeter in the application of the whole process will cause a certain interference problem, how should the customer solve it?Below the net to actually introduce in detail the electromagnetic flowmeter interference problem prevention measures, looking forward to be able to help you.

Electromagnetic flowmeter anti-interference

1. Eliminate differential interference and power frequency interference


There are usually differential interference and power frequency interference signals in the signal, and the low-pass filter in the signal solving power supply circuit cannot filter power frequency interference completely.Mingyu enterprise chooses the same sampling and power frequency compensation technology, in order to suppress the total flow signal potential difference in the infiltration of power frequency interference and power frequency switching power supply frequency fluctuation caused by power frequency interference, and reasonable differential interference.Sampling at the same step is technical. The sampling time is 1/4 cycle time of the excitation current signal after the initial sampling time. The duty cycle is double times of the power frequency cycle time.The compensation of frequency fluctuation of power frequency switching power supply is to ensure that in the dynamic fluctuation of frequency, the excitation current switching power supply and sampling monopulse are enough to be regulated in the same step, the sampling technology and excitation current technology of the same step are truly maintained, and the A/D transformation of the same step is carried out to reduce the harm of differential interference and power frequency interference.


2. Zero drift clearance


That is, when the input signal of the controller is zero, the output of the amplifier is not zero.The signal of zero drift will be transmitted among the power supply circuits that are getting larger. After increasing in many levels, it will become a very large signal at the output end. Because the effective signal output by the controller is poor, the zero drift will flood the effective signal and make the power supply circuit unable to work normally.Therefore, in order to suppress the zero drift, the differential power supply circuit of three operational amplifiers is selected to keep the weak signal collection of the large internal resistance, so as to suppress the common mode signal import.After the first-stage amplifier circuit, the rectifying capacitor is selected to filter the baseline drift and zero drift, so as to avoid the dc signal being too large and exceeding the typing scope of A/D transformation.


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3. Other countermeasures to remove interference


Aiming at the orthogonal and interference caused by the "utility of the transformer" of the electromagnetic flowmeter controller, the "intelligent transmitter zeroing method" is selected to eliminate it.


At the level of software development, digital filtering technology and power loss maintenance technology are selected, and the countermeasures of command data redundancy in mobile software can reasonably improve the credibility of typing large Numbers in microcontroller.


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