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How does electromagnetic flowmeter protect against lightning

How lightning electromagnetic flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter is based on Faraday electromagnetic induction principle, design and manufacturing, and the actual working condition of using electromagnetic flowmeter is very complicated, there are other electromagnetic interference of electric current, especially in the bad weather such as lightning, lightning will affect the electromagnetic flowmeter or even damaged, porcelain city flow meter manufacturer technology small below summarizes the lightning protection method of electromagnetic flowmeter, hope I can give you to help.

How does electromagnetic flowmeter protect against lightning

How does electromagnetic flowmeter protect against lightning


There are two main forms of lightning: one is the discharge between different charged clouds, and the other is the discharge from clouds to the ground.The purpose of instrument lightning protection is not to avoid lightning strikes, but to protect the instrument from being damaged by lightning waves.


In the design of electromagnetic flowmeter, some protective measures have been taken into consideration for the lightning protection and anti-interference of the flowmeter system.For example: add transient suppression secondary tube or discharge tube to the power supply part;Electrical isolation of power supply and signal input/output;The digital communication interface adopts the anti-lightning device;The signal connection cable between sensor and converter adopts triple shielding;Good grounding of flowmeter system is required.However, in areas where lightning is frequent and intense, users should take further measures:


The power input terminal is equipped with 1:1 transformer and lightning arrester to avoid power breakdown.


Add a lightning arrester in the signal analog output.


The grounding of the flowmeter system must be good, and ensure the good connection between the ground and the ground, to avoid the pipeline and fluid medium conduction lightning current flowing through the instrument body.


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