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Water Flow Meters

There are many water flow meter types. Generally speaking, the most commonly used flow meters for measuring water are electromagnetic flow meters, turbine flow meters, oval gear flow meters, vortex flow meters, gear flow meters, metal rotor flow meters, and Coriolis flowmeter.
For the commonly used liquid flowmeters for measuring water content, we generally choose electromagnetic flowmeters and turbine flowmeters. Electromagnetic flowmeters and Coriolis flowmeters are the ones with higher measurement accuracy. Coriolis is suitable for factories and requires particularly high precision,of course, its cost is also very high. There is also an elliptical gear flow meter, which can be used to measure micro flow rates and very small flow rates. This is very suitable for various chemical proportions of medicine and dispensing resin. The specific flowmeter selection depends on the use. If you are currently looking for a suitable flow meter, please consult me: sales01@cxflowmeter.com






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