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How to select samples of Flow meter

    The selection of flow meters often plays an important role in the successful use of the instruments. Due to the complicated conditions of the objects to be tested and the variety of instruments, the quality of the products is difficult to grasp, which makes the selection of the instruments difficult. There is no perfect flow meter, all kinds of instruments have their own characteristics, the purpose of selection is to Raise strengths and avoid weaknesses in many varieties, choose the most suitable instrument. General selection can be considered in five aspects, such as instrument performance, fluid properties, installation conditions, environmental conditions, and economic factors. The detailed factors of the five aspects are as follows:
    1. Instrument performance: accuracy, repeatability, linearity, range, flow range, signal output characteristics, response time, pressure loss, etc.
    2. fluid properties: Entropy index of fluid, temperature, pressure, density, viscosity, chemical corrosion, abrasiveness, fouling, plugging, miscible phase, phase change, electrical conductivity, sound velocity, thermal conductivity, specific heat capacity.
    3. installation conditions: Pipe layout direction, flow direction, length of straight pipe section on the upstream and downstream side of the test piece, pipe diameter, maintenance space, power supply, grounding, auxiliary equipment (cleaner, getter), installation, pulsation, etc.
    4. environmental conditions: Ambient temperature, humidity, electromagnetic interference, safety, explosion protection, pipe vibration, etc.
    5. economic factors: Instrument purchase fee, installation fee, operation fee, calibration fee, maintenance fee, instrument service life, spare parts and so on.





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