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How does an oval gear flow meter work?

How does an oval gear flow meter work?

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The working principle of the micro gear flow meter is that the liquid drives a pair of elliptical gears to rotate; the volume of each cavity is a fixed volume;
the gear speed is derived, the sensor sends out a synchronous pulse count, and the rotation of the elliptical gear passes through a magnetic seal coupling
and a transmission reduction mechanism Passed to the counter directly indicates the total amount flowing through the flow meter. If the sending device is attached,
and then equipped with an electric display instrument, it can realize that the remote transmission is only the instantaneous flow rate or the cumulative flow rate.

Typical application: Oval gear flow meter is mainly used to measure high-viscosity media. The products are widely used in petroleum, petrochemical, natural gas,
chemical, papermaking and other industries to measure tiny flowmeters of small pipe diameters.

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Measuring medium: high-viscosity medium, petroleum, diesel, gasoline, crude oil, butter, asphalt, lubricating oil, engine oil, hydraulic oil, gasoline, aviation kerosene, fuel oil, refined oil, and other oil products
Main technical data
Basic errors allowance ±0.5 (±0.2)
Max. working pressure(Mpa)1.6
Connecting flange of pipe GB2555-81
Viscosity of liquid (MPa.s). 0.6-250 (up to 2000mPa.s, Pease specify in order)
Temperature of tested medium -30-160
Specification of oval gear flowmeter and scope of flux

Product Usage
Cast iron oval gear flowmeter, the rotor is aluminum alloy, suitable for the measurement of low-viscosity, low-corrosion (such as gasoline, etc.) liquid medium.
The stainless steel oval gear flowmeter is widely used in the measurement of liquid media with strong corrosiveness, such as acids, alkalis, salts and organic compounds.


Advantages of oval gear flowmeter:
1. The measurement accuracy of the oval gear micro flow meter is high, the basic error is generally ±0.5%R, and the special one can reach ±0.2%R or higher. It is especially
suitable for use in the field where high-precision measurement is required.
2. It has no influence on the measurement accuracy when measuring the rotation flow and the distortion of the flow velocity field of the pipe choke, and there is no
requirement for the front straight pipe section.
3. The oval gear flowmeter can be used to measure high-viscosity fluids, with a wide flow range, generally 10:1 to 5:1, and special ones can reach 30:1 or more.
4. With direct reading of on-site flow, the cumulative total can be measured without external power supply, the display is clear, and the operation is convenient.
The oval gear flowmeter uses a combination of measuring elements to measure the flow in the indirect method of volume.

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