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Precautions For Installation Of Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

Precautions For Installation Of Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

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When measuring liquids, the installation of Coriolis mass flow meter has no special requirements for the front and rear straight pipe sections, but the following conditions must be met:

(1) For liquid media, keep the flow meter at the low point of the pipeline. Avoid vaporization of the medium due to low back pressure, which will affect the measurement results.
For gaseous media, the flowmeter cannot be placed at a local low point in the pipeline to avoid liquid accumulation in the measuring tube and measurement errors. To
(2) For liquid media, the pipeline must be filled with the media during operation. Do not allow gas-liquid or liquid-solid two-phase fluid to exist in the measuring tube.
If it is installed on a vertical pipe, the fluid should flow from bottom to top. If it is necessary to flow from top to bottom, a restrictive orifice can be installed behind the flow meter to prevent the measuring tube from being evacuated.
(3) The flowmeter and the connecting flange must be completely aligned, otherwise it will bring external stress to the measuring tube and affect the measurement result.
(4) To avoid interference from strong electromagnetic fields to the flowmeter, there should be no interference sources such as large motors near the flowmeter.

(5) When mass flowmeters of the same model are installed next to each other, consider staggering the vibration frequency to avoid the negative effects of resonance, and the distance between the two flowmeters is at least 4 times the length of the meter.
(6) Pay attention to the natural vibration frequency of the flowmeter phase measurement and the natural vibration frequency of the pipeline, otherwise it will cause measurement fluctuations.
(7) Stop valves should be installed before and after the flowmeter to facilitate zero point calibration before operation.
(8) When Coriolis is testing gas and steam, there are still requirements for straight pipe sections in order to ensure the accuracy of measurement.

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