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Commonly used metering pumps for measuring acidic liquids

Commonly used metering pumps for measuring acidic liquids mainly include the following types:
Centrifugal pump: The centrifugal pump has a high head and a large flow range, and is suitable for large flow, low viscosity liquids. The design of this pump makes it resistant to acidic environments by choosing corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel or specialty alloys when handling corrosive liquids.
Magnetic drive pump: The magnetic pump is also called a magnetic drive pump. It indirectly drives the pump shaft to rotate through a magnetic coupler, thereby achieving a leak-free sealing effect. Due to the leak-free characteristics of the magnetic pump, it is particularly suitable for liquids with high viscosity and easy crystallization, as well as those acidic liquids that need to avoid leakage.
Diaphragm pump: The diaphragm pump is a new type of conveying machinery. It uses compressed air as the power source and has the characteristics of no shaft seal, no leakage, large flow, high pressure, and long life. Therefore, diaphragm pumps are particularly suitable for high-viscosity, volatile liquids, as well as those acidic liquids where leakage needs to be avoided.
When selecting a metering pump for measuring acidic liquids, you also need to consider factors such as the specific properties of the liquid (such as concentration, temperature, viscosity, etc.), flow requirements, pressure requirements, and usage environment. It is recommended to consult a professional pump manufacturer or engineer when selecting a metering pump to ensure the most suitable pump type and configuration is selected.
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