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What flow meters are used for aviation lubricants?


What flow meters are used for aviation lubricants?
I received a consultation from a customer today: Looking for a precision flow meter for measuring aviation lubricating oil, viscosity 100cp, normal temperature and pressure, 60mL/h
Generally, the flow meters used for lubricating oil mainly include the following types:
Vortex flowmeter: Based on the Karman vortex principle, the flow rate is determined by measuring the vortex frequency in the fluid. This flow meter has the advantages of simple structure
and high measurement accuracy, and is suitable for a variety of fluids, including aviation lubricants.

Ultrasonic flow meter: uses the change in propagation speed of ultrasonic waves in the fluid to measure flow. This type of flow meter is suitable for non-conductive fluids, such as aviation
lubricants, and has the characteristics of accurate measurement and is not affected by the properties of the fluid. However, it should be noted that ultrasonic flow meters are sensitive to
bubbles and impurities in the fluid, which may cause measurement errors, so you need to pay attention to the purity of the fluid when using it.
Gear Flow Meter: Determines flow rate by measuring the rotational speed of fluid as it passes through a gear. This flow meter is suitable for low-viscosity fluids, such as aviation lubricants,
and has the advantages of simple structure and wear resistance.
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