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Application of CIXI gear metering pump and gear flow meter to AB component epoxy resin


Application of CIXI gear metering pump and gear flow meter to AB component epoxy resin,Cixi oval gear flowmeter for proportional control of epoxy resin

1. Working condition analysis:
Medium: AB component epoxy resin
Viscosity: about 5000CP
Flow: A+B more than ten kilograms
Temperature and pressure: normal temperature and normal pressure
Power source: gear metering pump
Detection method: flow monitoring
Display: no display required
Specific working conditions: used to measure the flow rate of epoxy resin on glass fiber reinforced plastic (glass fiber reinforced plastic = glass fiber + epoxy resin).
The customer site is a dual-pipe and dual-component, and the most important thing is to achieve precise proportional control of the dual-component. The customer's
site is dual control of gear metering pump + flowmeter, and the requirements are very high. Add flowmeter to achieve closed-loop control.
Recommended model: G0.4al/G0.2al

2. Industry analysis:
1. Why use a flowmeter:

For this working condition, the flow meter is used to achieve better proportional control. The accuracy of the flowmeter is 0.5%, and the accuracy of the gear pump is
three thousandths. The solution used by the customer is to add a flow meter behind the gear pump. The flow rate of epoxy resin and the mixing ratio of glass fiber are
strictly controlled, and the quality of the glass fiber reinforced plastic made is good, the shape is good, the thickness is uniform, and the hand feeling is also very good.
Greatly improve the corporate image, but also truly promote the development of the industry.
2. Disadvantages of not using flowmeter:
If it is not used, the proportion will be out of balance, and it will not be detected in time. If it is out of balance for a long time, there will be many defective products
in the FRP made. Increased production costs, buyers will also lose confidence.

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