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turbine flow meter working principle


Turbine flow meters are often used to measure water, diesel, methanol and other impurity-free, non-corrosive liquids. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure,
light weight, high precision and convenient installation. The working principle of the turbine flowmeter is to place a turbine at the center of the pipeline, and the two ends are
supported by bearings. When the fluid passes through the pipeline, it impacts the blades of the turbine, generating a driving force for the turbine, and then allowing the
turbine to overcome the friction torque and fluid resistance torque. generate rotation. Within a certain flow range, for a certain fluid medium viscosity, the rotation angle of
the turbine is proportional to the fluid flow rate, so that the fluid flow rate can be calculated.

Turbine flow meter has a variety of transmission methods, including three-wire pulse output, two-wire 4-20mA current output, on-site display and output 4-20mA, battery
power supply, etc. Different transmission methods are suitable for different applications.
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