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magnetic flow meter working principle


The working principle of electromagnetic flow meter is based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction.
In the magnetic flow meter, the conductive medium in the measuring tube is equivalent to the conductive metal rod in
the Faraday test, and the two electromagnetic coils at the upper and lower ends generate a constant magnetic field. When a
conductive medium flows through it, an induced voltage will be generated (the working principle is shown in the figure below).
Two electrodes inside the pipe measure the induced voltage produced. The measuring pipe is electromagnetically isolated
from the fluid and measuring electrodes by a non-conductive lining (rubber, Teflon, etc.).
When a conductor cuts a magnetic wire in a magnetic field, an induced electric potential is created in the conductor. The effective
length of the conductor in the induced electric field is proportional to the vertical motion speed of the conductor in the magnetic field.
Similarly, when the conductive fluid flows vertically in the magnetic field and cuts the magnetic induction force lines, an induced
electric potential will also be generated on the electrodes on both sides of the pipe.

The overall structure of the mag flow meter is simple and reliable, with no moving parts, long service life, no intercepting
and blocking parts, no pressure loss and fluid blockage. It can be used for automatic detection, adjustment and program control
systems. It has no mechanical inertia, fast response and good stability. The measurement accuracy is not affected by physical
parameters, such as temperature, viscosity, and density.
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