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mass flow meter types


A mass flow meter is an instrument that measures flow based on the mass of a fluid. It can be widely used in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, aerospace and
other industrial fields. There are many common mass flow meters. Here is a brief introduction:
Coriolis mass flowmeter is a mass flowmeter that uses the modulation effect of fluid mass flow on the oscillation of a vibrating tube, that is, the Coriolis force phenomenon, for
the purpose of mass flow measurement. It is generally composed of a sensor and a transmitter. Coriolis mass flowmeters can be quite effective in the following areas: batching
and batch measurement of various feed materials, measurement and control of material flow during processes, rapid and variable density measurement, and product quality
monitoring. role.
MFC Mass Flow Controller is small in size, easy to install, accurate in measurement, and highly cost-effective.
The mass flow meter directly measures the mass flow rate of the medium passing through the flow meter. It can also measure the density of the medium and indirectly measure
the temperature of the medium. Since the transmitter is an intelligent instrument with a microcontroller as its core, it can derive more than a dozen parameters for users to use
based on the above three basic quantities. The mass flow meter has flexible configuration, powerful functions, and high performance-price ratio. It is a new generation of flow meter.

Thermal mass flow meter is an instrument that uses the heat of measuring fluid to determine its mass flow rate. Simultaneous heating and temperature sensors are used in
combination, and the electronic instrument measures the resistance at the sensor location and converts it into a flow signal. Thermal mass flowmeters are divided into direct
thermal measurement type, indirect thermal measurement type and mixed flow type.

4. Ultrasonic mass flow meter
Ultrasonic mass flow meter is an instrument that uses the relationship between the propagation speed of ultrasonic waves of a certain frequency in the fluid and the flow rate
to measure mass flow. Typically 2 to 4 sound sources and receivers are used, measuring parameters such as the time and velocity of sound waves propagating in the fluid.
Ultrasonic mass flowmeter has high measurement accuracy, wide range, and has the advantages of real-time display and output signal. It is widely used in petrochemical,
steel, fertilizer, electric power and other fields.
5. Rotary mass flow meter
Rotary mass flow meters are commonly used in petrochemical, oil refining, fertilizer, chemicals, environmental protection and other fields. It is an instrument that uses the
force of the fluid on the rotor to measure flow. The mass flow rate of the fluid is measured through the rotation of the rotor and sensor.
6. Gravity mass flow meter
Gravity mass flowmeter is an instrument that uses the gravity effect of a device hanging on a pipe in the fluid in the flowmeter to measure flow. Usually the measuring
device is made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy and can be used in high temperature and high pressure environments.
In summary, mass flow meters utilize the principles of regular fluctuating levels and vibrations to measure the volume or mass of flow. This design enables the mass flow meter
to meet various needs, bringing great convenience to the future science and technology and industrial fields.
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