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Working principle and characteristics of oil field flow meter


The principle of flow meter used in oil extraction
1. Velocity flowmeter. The flow meter that directly measures the liquid flow rate of the full pipe flow in a closed pipe through various physical phenomena, and further calculates the flow rate is a velocity flow meter.
It mainly includes turbine flowmeter, vortex flow meter, ultrasonic flowmeter, etc. It is characterized by high precision (up to 0.5 grade), large range, long-distance transmission of flow signals, and networking with
computers to achieve centralized management.
2. Positive displacement flowmeter. A flow meter that uses a mechanical measuring element to continuously dispense the flow of liquid into individual volumetric portions to measure the total volume of the liquid is
known as a liquid volume flow meter. Including oval gear flow meter, Roots flowmeter, waist wheel flowmeter, etc. Its characteristic is that the precision can reach 0.2 grade, the lower the viscosity, the greater the
leakage, the more complicated structure, and the higher manufacturing precision requirement.

3. Mass flow meter. The mass flowmeter used to measure the mass or total amount of fluid flowing through a certain cross section is called a mass flowmeter, and the mass flowmeter for petroleum is a liquid flowmeter,
mainly a Coriolis force mass flowmeter. It is characterized by adapting to a wide fluid medium surface, can directly obtain the mass flow signal, and can directly measure the temperature and density of the fluid. It is an
intelligent flow measurement and control instrument.

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